Month: May 2021

Diamonds, know it’s 4C

Diamonds, knowing them well, is it simple? For sure you know the 4Cs ( Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat ), the 4 fundamental parameters to determine the quality of Diamonds, nor will we speak and illustrate for sure, mentioning them is a must.  Do you really think…

Driver: How to avoid blind spots on a truck?

Blind spots, also known as blind spots or blind spots, are those vehicle angles where the driver is not able to see and control what is happening. When driving any vehicle (motorcycle, car, truck) these blind spots usually occur and can…

Warehouse: How to optimize storage?

There are many reasons why companies may need to improve their warehousing capacity. Whether the business is thriving, the purchasing department needs to order more goods, or the inventory takes longer than expected, there are excellent solutions to maximize warehouse space….