Bathroom Renovation

Best 3 Bathroom Renovation : A Wellness Experience In City

The Bathroom Renovation, which was already 25 years old, was an important part of the reform. The old-fashioned toilet, tiles, drain system, and pipes had to be replaced. Jennifer and David, who often enjoy a sauna break, preferred a bathroom that provided a wellness experience. So they chose a very spacious bathtub and open shower.

“We first look for inspiration in decor magazines and on Pinterest. Then we create a board with our preferences, with a style, colors and concrete tiles. Then we considered practicalities such as how much space a sink can take up, whether underfloor heating could be fitted, whether a single or linear drain was better and how much it would cost us to remodel the Bathroom Renovation. ”

Professional Bathroom Renovation Design Service :

To receive professional advice and have creative ideas, we decided to go to a bathroom exhibition. So you can discuss specific things with an expert and receive advice on the different design and installation possibilities for Bathroom Renovation. Since we have an old house, we had to be well informed about the possibilities.

David and Jennifer wanted a modern walk-in shower with a drain. But there wasn’t much space in the basement to fit a full-size shower drain. Luckily, there are special flat drains designed for renovation projects like this one.There were also crooked walls and old pipes, typical of an old house. To fix it they had to repair the walls and change the pipes. Fortunately for David and Jennifer, the floor joists were in good repair.

Bathroom Renovation

Remodel The Bathroom Renovation :

To save some money, David and Jennifer decided to do some of the remodeling work on their own. They could demolish, clean and prepare the ground themselves. They left the changing of the pipes, the waterproofing, the laying of the tiles and the installation of the shower and the drain to the professionals to achieve the best possible result. To integrate their wellness experience, they opted to add modern marble details, two elegant sinks, a large mirror with light and niches to place the shower accessories.

Wellness Bath :

In a couple of weeks, the bathroom was completely renovated. The result was better than they had imagined. The bathroom appears spacious, comfortable and luxurious thanks to the use of elegant tiles, materials and lighting. Also, it was important to David and Jennifer that the bathroom be practical. So they added Bathroom Renovation accessories like a towel dryer, a mirror with adjustable lighting and an anti-fog option. With the bathroom cabinets and wall-mounted niches in the shower, there was plenty of storage space.We are very happy with our spa-style bathroom!