Bicycle: A beginner in cycling?

The desire to start a healthy lifestyle and ride a bicycle can occur at any age. Beginners often have difficulty choosing a model. Most beginners think that buying expensive sports bicycles at the start is impractical. Beginners often doubt the right choice of physical activity, not sure in what conditions and how often they will ride.

But there is another side to the coin. Budget cost is often accompanied by a low level of comfort and poor quality. You spend too much money to fix the breakdowns and will not be able to enjoy the ride.

What should a beginner’s sports bike look like?

Experts recommend paying attention to the proposals of Australian brands. They offer a wide range of reliable, comfortable, and inexpensive models. You will be able to choose a quality sports bike taking into account different requirements in the optimal price range.

Don’t know what conditions to ride? Prefer hardtails. These are universal mountain bikes designed for trips on low-quality roads, parks, countryside. Hardtail sports bikes are offered at affordable prices. The evaluation of the quality of the bike is based on several criteria:

➜ Lightweight and durable aluminum frame . Carefully check the quality of welds;

➜ quality double suspensions are expensive. Don’t be tempted by the low price of a bike with front and rear suspension. Simulators are installed on such models. Riding on them will not be comfortable. If you want to buy an inexpensive and comfortable bike for sports, choose hardtails with a front fork;

➜ brakes . Are you planning to ride in good weather within the city? Choose a lunch V-break. For off-road trips in any weather, experts advise to buy a sports bike with mechanical disc brakes.

Do you want to buy a sports bike with the best value for money? Focus on concise models with minimal equipment. After gaining some experience and identifying your needs, you can upgrade and improve the bike. At the start, it is better to focus on the quality of the frame and basic attachments.

Buy sports bike from the official representative

The cost of bikes largely depends on the pricing policy of the store. Do you want to buy a sports bike on favorable terms? Use the services of the company “Bicycle Warehouse”. We are the official representative of all brands represented on the site. Our customers buy sports bikes at manufacturer’s prices.

Online bike shop offers additional savings:

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Qualified consultants work here. They will listen carefully to your wishes, ask about riding conditions and help to buy sports bikes taking into account any requirements.

“Test drive” of a children’s bicycle │What do parents need to know before buying?

Kids love walking outdoors. They actively explore the world around them and have an amazing ability to come up with interesting entertainment. But sooner or later there comes a time when the baby asks parents to buy a children’s bike .

Doubts and concerns about the safety of the baby are quite understandable. But you should not delay with the purchase, because cycling is a great way to promote health and physical development. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models. You can choose bicycles for children of different ages. Experts believe that you can start teaching your child to skate when he began to walk confidently, quite physically strong, and can turn the wheel. It is only important to choose the right model, equipment, and parameters of the bike.

Children’s bicycle│Memo to parents before buying

The entire range is divided into categories based on age and level of training, the height of the child. Children’s bicycle should be chosen taking into account several factors:

  • Cycling is recommended for kids from 2 years old. This is a bicycle without pedals, the child is pushed off the ground with his feet. Cycling – a good choice for learning the first skills of riding, coordination, and physical fitness;
  • Are you planning to buy the first bicycle for a child from 3 years old? Choose models with additional wheels attached to the rear. They help maintain balance;
  • For a child from 6 years with riding experience, you can choose a bike with a handbrake. Bicycles with a speed switch are recommended for children from 10 years old.

It is important to buy a bicycle for a child in which the size of the frame and wheels correspond to the height. Height and saddle height adjustments are limited. Visit the bike shop with your child and take a test drive. Make sure the bike matches your baby’s body parameters:

  • feet easily reach the pedals and stand firmly on the ground during a stop;
  • knees do not rest on the steering wheel while riding;
  • When riding a bicycle, the child keeps his back straight and does not bend.

Online stores offer a large selecAustralia at a good price. But many consumers do not dare to order online for fear of making a mistake in choosing the size.

The online store offers free consultations. Use the help of our experts. They will tell you how to properly measure the parameters of the child’s body, and offer the best models based on age, level of physical development, and riding conditions.

To buy the children’s bicycle in bicycle shop

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Take the opportunity to test drive different bikes. The staff of the store will offer the best options, assemble and adjust the bike based on the age and height, the wishes of your child. You can ride it right away.