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How often in practice we have to meet situations when the business coach style becomes a decisive factor when choosing a coach for business training, all other things being equal (training program, cost, coaching experience). In a professional career, style seems to be one of the main assets of a business coach

Whoever says that style is by nature, once and for all, is wrong. The characteristic manner of conducting business training, the peculiarities of communication with the training participants and their own positioning within the group, possession of professional tools and techniques – the coaching style lends itself to constant development and improvement.

Examples of business coach styles

There are many examples of styles – as many as there are business coaches (even taking into account that some copy the style of others). But, according to our observations, there are five main or typical styles of business coaching.

1. Coach star

A coach of this style, with all his appearance, demonstrates to the group members who are in charge here. He “burns” with the idea of ​​training, energizes those around him, is unusually mobile, sprinkles with vivid examples, metaphors, screwing witty jokes, and anecdotes into his performance. At the same time, the result of the training for the coach-star is not in the first place: for him, the main thing is to create an impression, to be focused on the process.

2. Professor

This style is distinguished by deep knowledge of the training methodology and thorough, if not meticulous, adherence to the training plan. Methodology and discipline are generally the root system of the “professor”. In this sense, you can be sure that the business coach will achieve the tasks set for the group. A broad outlook and encyclopedic knowledge is a good advantage, but with its downside – laconicism and sometimes demonstrative detachment from the emotional state of the group. Little mobile and completely alien to non-verbal communication.

3. Coordinator or facilitator

Who knows or, rather, prefers to remain in the role of the coordinator of the training process. Therefore, he does not splash with energy but tries to create an ideal atmosphere for work at the training, to establish trust between the participants and help everyone to reveal themselves from their best side to achieve a team-wide result.

4. Experienced

Experienced, he has conducted more than one business training for a wide variety of audiences – from top tops to novice sales specialists. His coaching arsenal includes business training on a variety of topics. He knows how to effectively distribute his own strength and energy, easily manages the group, keeping the necessary distance from the participants. Restrained in emotions and practically does not use sign language. Such a reliable coaching style, a kind of draft horse for coaching. But, really, everyone wants to be a leader.

5. Leader

Many will envy his unique ability to influence people, the energy that gushes during his training or performances. He will masterfully and decisively lead the participants to the goal and proudly pay attention to the results achieved. He is inferior to the star coaches in sign language, but the same as they are in relation to the participants – their opinion is not a reason for him to change something in his own plans and turn off the intended path.

Feature of work

Considering what a professional business coach does, it should be said that in addition to consultations, direct specialists, such professionals can conduct business training both directly for those who are just taking the path of their own business, trying their hand as employees of the company, but also for real professionals who want to improve their level and qualifications.

A business coach is hired to train staff about new and more effective methods of working and interacting with potential buyers. At the same time, if it is necessary to conduct seminars or consultations for the management staff, then in this case it will be necessary to convey to them information regarding the existence of more effective methods of personnel management.

Thanks to the work of a professional business coach, it is possible to significantly increase the company’s profits, achieving high work efficiency for each of its employees with the help of motivation and the correct setting of goals and objectives. Moreover, very often it is necessary to convey information in such a form so that it is understandable to everyone, even for children, since each person has his own digestibility of the material and you need to work not only for the public but also individually.

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