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Engagement Ring

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

You have undoubtedly wondered on many occasions how to choose the perfect engagement ring. Once you have committed, you start to think about the date for the wedding day, so a few months before you will visit jewelry stores to choose your wedding rings. For this we will give you a few hints.

Once we have the engagement ring and the wedding date, the first thing to do is think about the design of the alliances. The bride should think about whether she wants an alliance that matches the engagement ring and whether or not she wants it to wear a diamond. Based on this we must determine if you want the wedding rings to be the same or not.

engagement ring

1. The Bride’s Engagement ring with diamonds

If the bride has made the decision to have a ring to match the engagement ring and that it is with diamonds, she will have to think about the style and that its design goes perfectly with the engagement ring. Depending on how the engagement ring is, it must be the design of your wedding ring.

We have seen on some occasions that the bride bought her wedding ring with little height and the engagement ring was not in claws but in chaton. This choice is not usually very favorable since not only is one ring scratched against the other, but the design prevents them from sticking together, so there is an undesirable separation. We put a photo of how we think that it has to accompany one with another.

2. The groom’s engagement ring

More and more brides want to put their engagement rings with a band of diamonds next to the engagement ring. In general terms, the groom’s engagement ring is not usually with diamonds, they prefer it simple and discreet, therefore they will hardly choose an alliance with diamonds. In this case, metal and design rule.

If she chose a fine white gold wedding ring with small diamonds, the logical thing is that the groom’s is also in white gold; He will decide the width to his liking but looking for a certain similarity with hers. Sometimes we think that choosing the perfect engagement ring is an easy task and is left until last, but it is better to be clear about what we like so as not to rush later.

3. Matching Engagement Ring Designs

In general terms, matching engagement ring designs are the most requested by the bride and groom, whether they are classic or modern; and within these two options the classic ones are generally those that they usually choose; either white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.

At leonards, what we are clear about is that they choose the ones they choose, they must be of the best quality, that is, 18 karat gold or 950 platinum. The price difference between 18 karat gold and the so-called gold white (14 or 9 carats) is very insignificant and not really worth saving on this.

4. Designs of Classic Engagement Ring

The designs of wedding classics are usually in the form of half – round, with widths ranging from 2 mm to 3.5 mm and high ranging from 1.2 mm to about 1.8 mm, and is used with noble metal both gold platinum. Another characteristic is that the color is uniform, that is, yellow gold is not mixed with white or pink.

5. Two-color Wedding Ring Designs

When the bride and groom choose two- tone wedding ring designs, they can be classic or modern. But in order to differentiate one gold from another, they are usually wider than those that we have defined as classic with a single color of gold. In general terms, they start from 3.5 mm wide and go up to 5 mm, the most common are those that are not in the shape of a half-round and without a flat design.

6. Modern Ring Designs

In general, we do not usually advise the bride and groom on modern ring designs, and we do not do so because we consider that this type of jewel has to be timeless and not be exposed to passing fads. They are generally a discreet and elegant jewel that does not seek to be displayed but to show other people that we are united to another person. But having said the above, indicate that this is only an opinion and that each couple should buy those that best suit their tastes.

7. Maintenance of the Rings

Take this aspect into account as it is of the utmost importance, especially if you have thought about buying them in white gold. This type of gold is an alloy of gold as it comes from nature in 24 carats with palladium, which is later plated in rhodium to obtain the desired shine.

The friction and its use causes the rhodium to be lost and therefore maintenance must be done every once in a while, which is based on polishing the jewel and subsequently bathing it in rhodium again. As for platinum, white gold or rose gold, say that they do not have a great maintenance because they do not lose color.

As you will see, choosing the perfect engagement ring is not an easy task, no matter how much we had in our mind that it was a simple task.

8. Establish a budget

Without a doubt, establishing a budget when it comes to seeing alliances is essential. And we say this because the most expensive is not necessarily the best. The price will not always depend on the quality, this, the price, will also depend on the type of jewelers we visit.

There are brands that have a large amount of expenses and therefore their prices have to be higher than others that are based on a family business where the quality is as good as any brand jewelry but they do not have such high expenses in advertising or other considerations. Therefore, setting a budget and visiting various jewelry stores will provide us with important knowledge to choose the perfect engagement ring.

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