Fence: 5 Ways to cover an ugly Chainlinked one

Is there anything good that can be said about a mesh fence in a residential area? Besides not being cheap, the link in the chain is a terrible pestilence in your backyard. As a measure of how despicable this building material is, it has come full circle and has been used in high-end architecture.

As far as I know, the chain link is best used on tank farms and prison yards. The problem it is hard to remove. The posts are deeply entrenched, and you practically need a tractor to extract them. Cut them off at the base? As they are metal and filled with concrete, they are difficult to cut. If you manage to remove a chain link, what? Chain-link is a bulky, argumentative material.

After all, covering it up looks pretty good. Here are 5 options. None are as good as uprooting it and replacing it with a nice wooden fence, but they are much cheaper.

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Full bamboo screens

The rolled bamboo fence is made of 3/4 “to 2” thick fixed posts. These things really do look like bamboo.

Full bamboo pole posts can be installed on the chain-link fence by tying them directly to rails and 1-foot poles of 16 strand wire.

Attractiveness : 5

Privacy : around 85%.

Cost for a 50 ‘fence : $ 431 for 3/4 “rolled bamboo.

Persistence : moderate. Choose poles cut at the knots as they work better. Knots are natural weather caps.

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Wind mesh screen / privacy screen

At first glance, the fence screen looks like a tarpaulin. But the sheet doesn’t work well for fences as it catches the wind and acts like a sail.

Fence nets are made for: they are water and wind permeable; have a double-thick finish around the perimeter, and have brass rings on the finish so it can be attached to the chain with zippers.

Attractiveness : weak. However, it can be combined with the more attractive screens listed elsewhere in this article.

Privacy : 80% to 96% depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Cost per 50 ‘: Lowest cost solution for all. You can spend as little as $ 40 for a satisfactory 85% privacy-quality screen. The best quality 100 Series FenceBlock 96% for $ 65.50.

Durability: excellent. As it is an inorganic, UV-marked polypropylene, it should last many years more than the organic products listed here. But due to the woven construction and the dark color, the elements will ultimately be affected by this material.

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Reed Screens

Thin bamboo cane as thick as the drinking straws are woven together into long mats 16 meters long. These rolls are easy to transport and transport from your home store.

Attractiveness : Attractive for the first year. The reeds then turn from golden brown to gray and begin to fall out of the wire weaving material.

Privacy: Cane screens are not protected by privacy, but I estimate 85% privacy when new. As the screen crashes, privacy also degrades.

Cost per 50 ‘: $ 76.50

Durability : the wrong choice in the long run. After about 2 years, this fencing is ready to be drawn out and recycled..

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Wooden panels

Plain wooden fence panels can be bolted to the chain fencing using U-shaped brackets. The upside is that when properly installed it looks like a “real” fence. The downside is that you fly almost blindly. There are no hardware kits or systems to assist with the conversion. Search YouTube for instructions.

Attractiveness : high.

Privacy : High, around 90%

Cost for 50 ‘fence : $ 500

Durability: Good. If you use cedar, this wood is naturally weather-resistant as it is very oily wood. All types of wood can be sprayed with a welding machine to extend its service life.

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Chain fencing strips

In theory, this is a great idea: since fire mesh hurdles allow you to insert long, narrow pieces vertically, why not do this whole thing? In fact, fencing strips make your backyard look like your local elementary school. Surprisingly expensive fencing slats have the lowest privacy rate.

Attractiveness : weak

Privacy : around 75%

Cost for a 50 ‘: $ 225

Durability : Extremely durable; can last for decades as the slats are made of high-density polyethylene or aluminum. 

If you’re simply looking for a way to add privacy to your chain link fence, look no further than plastic slats. Perhaps the most economical options for upgrading your fence, these functional strips of plastic simply insert through the links in your fence, with no additional installation required. You can opt for different sizes depending on how much privacy you want, and they make it more difficult for animals and intruders to scale it. Choose a single color for a streamline look, or incorporate multiple colors for an artsy finish!

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