flower pots

Flower Pots They Play their ornamental and purifying role

For flower pots, flowers play their ornamental and purifying role, it is necessary to house them in suitable containers that are as beautiful as the species themselves, which will facilitate the enhancement of perfumes and a style that is unique to the decor. Flower vases are being widely used in the early 17th century in the halls of the modern era and were initially made of porcelain, marble, silver, bronze, or earthenware.

Since then, flower vases have gained new production techniques and materials that create original and unusual items for any space and style. Not to mention that, in addition to supporting plants, flower pots serve as excellent decorative pieces, even if alone. 

Natural Flower Pots

The cultivation of species in flower pots requires different techniques than planting in gardens. Before planting, the indication is to choose the ideal flowers for this type of support.

Among the natural species that best accept gardening in flowerpots are orchids, lobelias, petunias, primroses, geraniums, gerberas, Malaysians, daisies, pansies, chrysanthemums, and violets.

Another factor to take into account is the types of flower pots: study the maximum size that the plants can reach and choose the ideal model for the flower’s appearance, diameter, and needs.

For orchids, for example, the correct flower pot is plastic, as it retains moisture and gives the species greater resistance. It is also important to check the porosity and drainage capacity of flower pots, details that define how often the species will need watering.

Decoration with Flower Pots

As for the decoration with flower vases, practically every room can be decorated with a model.

On the dining room table, the tip is to have a flower or solitaire vase made of transparent glass or neutral paint; the custom-designed porcelain flower vases are charming when placed in the corner of a dresser or sideboard, creating a romantic and shabby chic décor.

Aluminum pot models are ideal for the kitchen and can be placed on the window ledge or on the island. Wall-mounted flower vases, made of colored plastic, create a charming finish on a vertical veranda garden, for example.

Flower Pots without Plants

Whether small or robust, flower pots can only serve as an adornment, without necessarily harboring plants. In this case, their models are even more daring and modern, with colors, prints, shapes, and figures that have a positive impact, in addition to providing different effects and styles.

For large, empty flower vases, for example, the tip is to use them in a leisure area, lobby, or living room. For the first environments, clay or Vietnamese vases in blue color add elegance.

In the living room, set up a brown ceramic vase alone or with foliage such as tango, thuja, asparagus, Ruscus, or bamboo.

Some stores offer numerous flower pots of special and exclusive brands and patterns. Choose a model and spread the species that you like most around the house to decorate and flavor your home!

First, let’s talk about the beloved flower shops, the glass vases. These flower vase models are very easy to find in any store.

Some models are completely transparent. Others already have more details in their design. But if you don’t intend to invest, no problem. You can have beautiful glass vases at home without spending too much.

Do you know what would work really well in this case? For example, bottles of beverages that would be discarded in the trash; or else old jars that would be donated from your pantry. 

In thrift stores, you can find several beautiful old vases, with a vintage or retro design. They are inexpensive and stylish alternatives to support flower arrangements. Customize these pieces and leave them with your face and with the feel of your home.