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Furniture Movers: How to protect your furniture during transportation?

Furniture movers is a difficult task for any move: office, apartment, suburban, etc. During the delivery of cabinets, armchairs, and sofas, they are exposed to various influences: friction, vibrations, and crushing heavy loads. This can lead to scratches, dents, and even structural destruction. To avoid this, properly prepare the furniture movers. Tips on how to do this are presented below.

The big house move is not just boxes and bags. Normally we have more small things that end up bulging a lot and this causes us to end up moving dozens of boxes of all sizes with books, clothes, various objects, photo frames, and paintings, etc. However, the real challenge comes when it comes to moving furniture. They may only be 3 or 4, but their size and weight will take us more than one head feeder.

Features of furniture movers

Furniture must be transported in packaging. For this, it is more expedient to use:

  • corrugated board;
  • stretch film;
  • bubble wrap.

The best option would be a preliminary analysis of cabinets and pedestals into parts. This will help to transfer the overall structures bypassing the door frames. Having disassembled the furniture, you can place even the largest wardrobe or bed in the elevator and facilitate the process of loading the car.

In some cases, it is possible to disassemble the structure not completely, but partially. For example, remove expensive accessories or a mirror. The decision to disassemble the cabinets is made based on the type of furniture movers chosen. Some moving companies use for transportation of cabinets special fastenings in the body. With their help, even the largest cabinet can be securely fixed.

Furniture transport tips

There are several guidelines to help to furniture movers or other furniture safe and sound:

  • Take notes. When packing furniture, be sure to write on the cardboard what is wrapped in it. This will make it easier to assemble furniture in a new location. Fittings are placed in separate boxes. In order not to be confused about which furniture in the box the fittings are assembled from, write about this on the packaging.
  • Insert cardboard between the pieces. When folding the cabinet panels into bundles, be sure to place corrugated cardboard spacers between them. You can use stretch wrap to protect the bundle and seal its contents.
  • Use bubble wrap. To protect upholstered furniture from negative “neighborhood” with heavy objects, wrap it in bubble wrap. This will help protect the upholstery. If the transportation of armchairs and sofas is carried out in the cold season, then after delivering upholstered furniture to a new place, let it warm up to room temperature and only then unpack it.
  • Secure the moving parts. When the furniture movers transport furniture without preliminary disassembly, secure its drawers, doors, etc. If during the movement the moving parts of the cabinets or cabinets come into motion, there is a great risk of damage to both themselves and other furniture in the van.
  • Trust furniture movers company. furniture movers should be carried out by special vehicles. Use qualified personnel for loading. If it is possible to order a turnkey move, then do not use this service. This will save you time and hassle.

It is preferable that you first take care of packing and protecting as much as possible. For those smaller pieces of furniture such as tables, you can cover them with blankets and put them in boxes of the right size that are easy to assemble and have great resistance.

For larger pieces of furniture, it is preferable to cover them with specific moving blankets, packing paper, and rolls of bubble wrap. If the furniture has already been disassembled, you can put all the small pieces in the boxes and cover the larger ones.

All in all, you will ensure that your furniture move goes smoothly and everything arrives at your new home in perfect condition.

Follow the advice of furniture movers to avoid damaging your furniture. They will help protect your cabinets and cabinets from damage. When loading the van, do not place heavy objects on upholstered furniture. This will extend its service life.