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How to choose a moving company?

Numerous studies affirm that a move can become one of the greatest sources of stress and anxiety that exists. If you are going to change houses, you may not be able to avoid the tension that this entails, but one way to reduce it considerably is to hire a reputable moving company. Do you want to know where to start?

Before choosing a moving company

One of the most frequent questions about changes of housing is how much a moving company costs. The price of a moving company can range between approximately 250 and 600 AUD, but this is not the most important thing or the only thing to take into account when looking for the best option. Equal or more important than the cost are factors such as:

  • What kind of additional services do you need: Do you want the moving company to disassemble the furniture? Do you want me to be the one to make the boxes to move your things to your new address? Do you want me, once in your new home, to reassemble furniture and put clothes and books? Do you want the cleaning service to be included in your new home? In short, a move can be as complicated or easy as you choose: the key is to decide what load you want to assume throughout the process and what load you prefer to delegate. You can also refer to their services page to know more about what service they provide to help you in your move.
  • The merchandise insurance: Do you want the merchandise to be transported to be insured? What is the real value of the cargo you are going to transport? Are you aiming to be liable for the packaging or are you planning to leave it to the moving company?
  • The date of the move: It seems obvious, but it is essential to start looking for moving companies a month in advance of the planned date for the same. Choosing the best moving company is something that cannot be done lightly and, in addition, before the chosen day it will be necessary to coordinate different points with the company so that on that day all the procedures are clear for both parties.
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Tips for comparing moving companies

You are already clear about what you would like in your move; now’s the time to seek out out what you would like from a moving company:

  • Availability. Do not trust; There are seasons when moving companies are out of business and you may find one that is ideal for you but does not have dates available at the time you are moving.
  • Permits in order. The removal company must be registered, go with legal requirements such as civil liability and merchandise insurance, and its workers must be insured.
  • Recommendations. If you don’t know friends or family who have already had quality experiences with moving companies, we recommend that you search the Internet for user opinions. The reputation of a moving company is essential; remember that you are placing the management of your new home in their hands.
  • Old. Although the youth of a moving company is not at odds with quality, experience is always a guarantee.

Steps to follow to hire a moving company

Once you are clear about the budget for your move, the services you need and the guarantees that you must ask the company, it is time to look. If you do not have recommendations for moving companies (even if you do, it is advisable to compare options), we recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. Use a moving company comparator: There are many available on the Internet and you can filter by budget. This is the tool that will give you information on which are the best known, cheapest moving companies, with the best recommendations and, therefore, the ones that best suit your needs.
  2. Ask for at least three estimates and make sure they are delivered to you in writing and officially (even if they are approximate). We recommend that to avoid “surprises” do not accept quotes that can be given over the phone. Keep in mind that, looking on the weight of the load or the hours used for the move, companies can change their budget.
  3. Schedule home visits. If it is possible that a person in charge of the moving company comes to your current address to weigh everything that you will have to move to the new one (or pack if you hire this service), much better. It is in a different way for both parties to feel secure before moving day arrives and to anticipate possible unforeseen events.
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After following these steps, you just have to sit down and decide; If you follow all these recommendations, without a doubt the stress that your move can generate will be much less and you’ll even have the safety of getting chosen the simplest mover consistent with your needs. These tips are brought to you by RBR Moving, if you need more assistance or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us!

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