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Motorbike Spares Clearance Best Items For Motorcycles

At motorbike spares we are in liquidation . Due to the arrival of a new consignment of products, we offer you vehicles well below their original price.

Within our intention of constantly renewing ourselves, at Racing we continue to bet on innovation . That is why we make new and / or renewed vehicles available to the customer from time to time. The main idea is that shopping at is a new experience every time.

Thus, we have recently incorporated models such as the ROAN Scooter-Scooter (which we already talked about recently) a new experience in the world of scooters, or vehicles such as the ROAN Slim 300W and lithium battery.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

In addition to renewing our range of 1000W and 500W electric scooters with new colors and designs.

Vehicles motorbike spares in liquidation

From here we detail the liquidation products that you can see on our website

Minamoto clearance RN50 Minamoto (Ducati replica)

It is the exact replica of the Ducati Disclosed. It has a 4-stroke 50cc engine. Its starter is electric like the competition motorcycles.

Mini Chopper 50cc 4-stroke

Mini chopper clearance It motorbike spares is identical to a life-size Chopper / Harley, with all its accessories and functionalities. It also has an electric starter and hydraulic brakes.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

350W Electric Mini Quad

Mini quad clearance Ideal for children between 4 and 7 years old as it does not exceed 25 km / h. Its tires are 4 ″ inches vehicle and it also mounts 2 12V / 12A batteries each. And with a clearance price

Pit Bike 250cc bike Fire

Clearance pit bikes This dirt bike comes with a motorbike spares powerful Loncin 4-stroke water-cooled dual radiator engine. It can be used both on the track and on the cross as it has wheels for both.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Roan Smart 500W r10 scooter

Scooter clearance The Smart electric unicycle motorbike spares has 10 wheels. It mounts 2 motors of 250W each and also has LED lights, 36V lithium battery and Bluetooth.

Smart 500W r6´5 scooter

Scooter clearance With two 250W brush less motors (without brushes) each, mounted on the two 6’5 wheels each. It has LED lights and a 36V 4.4A lithium battery.

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