Motorcycle on how to choose?

If you have made a firm decision to buy a motorcycle, which brand should you give preference to? Relatives, friends, and work colleagues can give their point of view. Each manufacturer spends millions of dollars advertising their own products. In order to approach the choice of a motorcycle competently and acquire a reliable device for many years and kilometers of travel, we have prepared an overview of the most important parameters of this technique that affect the operation.

The principle of operation and the device of the motorcycle

The motorized two-wheeled horse can be a faithful companion for many years. People use it to go to work, relax, travel, or do extreme sports.

A motorcycle has many advantages over other vehicles:

1. Economical fuel consumption;

2. High speed;

3. Maneuverability in urban environments;

4. Simple maintenance;

5. Most models easily fit two adults;

6. There are luggage compartments.

The principle of operation of a motorcycle includes the interaction of several components and assemblies. It all starts with the engine, which has several cylinders for compressing the air-fuel mixture and burning it. Recently, more and more electric models that operate on battery power have appeared.

The torque from the power unit is transmitted to the gearbox. It consists of a set of gears of various diameters and a switch. All elements are immersed in oil to ensure long and trouble-free operation. As the engine accelerates, rotation is shifted to smaller and smaller sprockets, which increases vehicle speed.

After that, the gearbox comes into operation, where the rotation is fed to the chain attached to the rear wheel. It is this that performs the pushing function and starts the movement of the motorcycle along the road. To stop, a brake is used, which can be inside the wheel drum or outside, in the form of a disc and pads. The same system is present on the front wheel.

The suspension is responsible for the softness of movement, which is telescopic or on a mono-shock. Most models are reinforced with additional springs at these locations. Thus, overcoming bumps and grooves is smoother for the driver and passenger.

The battery and generator are located on the frame. The first has a sufficient supply of energy to start rotation, and the second produces it for further needs: head optics, taillights, direction indicators, radio, etc.

The vehicle is controlled by turning the steering wheel. The higher the speed, the less angle it takes to turn, but the larger the circle radius for the maneuver.

Thus, the following important elements are included in the design of a motorcycle:

1. Frame;

2. Gas tank;

3. Motor;

4. Transmission;

5. Suspension;

6. Battery and generator;

7. Exhaust system;

8. Wheels;

9. Brakes;

10. Steering;

11. Optics.

Types of motorcycles


They have a streamlined design and beautiful decoration. Designed for one passenger with a seating position that implies a strong forward tilt of the body and an emphasis on the steering wheel. The second person can fit in the back but will hang at the very edge.

Sports models are characterized by high speed and aerodynamics. Suitable for people of all ages who like to drive fast on the track.


Have a compact size and a comfortable vertical fit. They are easier to repair and maintain because they do not have as many aerodynamic fairings. Two people sit pretty loosely.

Such motorcycles are chosen for trips to work or small trips to a neighboring city, for fishing. They are suitable for young and adult people for everyday use in order to save on transport and not get stuck in traffic jams.


These are models for conquering the roads. They are designed to provide maximum comfort when traveling long distances. They are chosen by middle-aged and elderly people who want to travel in an active way.

Touring motorcycles are heavy, spacious luggage compartments and wide seats designed for hours of riding.

Off-road (cross)

These bikes are made for extreme sports. The high tread, saddle and huge wheels allow it to ride on the ground and sand, to perform jumps and turns. This is a transport for young people who want to master a new hobby or real athletes.

Motorcycle selection parameters


This parameter varies from 6 to 160 hp. The more powerful the apparatus, the greater the speed it can develop in a straight line or go to a steep hill. Power is also needed for a quick set of revs when it is required to move sharply from a place or overtake another vehicle on a limited section of the road.

If there is not enough power, then the engine has to gain speed for a long time and wait for a sufficient length of the free oncoming lane to bypass the car in front. At traffic lights, this will promise a delay in traffic, which will be used by more powerful cars, and wedge ahead.

Therefore, there are the following recommendations:

1. For sports on the sand, high performance is not required and a bike with a power of 6-10 hp is suitable.

2. Everyday quiet commuting to work will be easy with a 10-12 hp engine.

3. If time is a priority, then motorcycles with 20-30 hp will be indispensable in urban areas.

4. For long-distance cruise trips choose 60-80 hp.

5. Fans of high speeds on sports models should look for motors with an indicator of 100-160 hp.


To feel safe on a motorcycle, it is important to have good brakes that work effectively in all conditions.

By type, they are as follows:

1. Mechanical disc – work by pressing the handle on the steering wheel, from which the cable pulls the pads around the disc on the wheel. Suitable for relaxing trips around the city.

2. Hydraulic discs – they function in the same way as those described above, but the degree of pressing is much higher since it is regulated not by hand force, but by a hydraulic drive. This is a good option for the highway.

3. Drum – have an internal system in the drum, where the semicircular pads are moved apart by springs to the walls and slow down the rotation. Their work is not affected by rain and snow, as well as wet tall grass, which makes them optimal both for the city and for fishing and hunting.

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