Motorcycle: What are the main advantages of buying?

The motorcycle is a dynamic vehicle, which adapts very well to most people’s routines. Still don’t understand how the bike can improve your pace of life? So it’s time for you to know the advantages that two wheels can provide, to make sure you get a good deal. See the main advantages offered by a vehicle in this category. 


Those who usually travel through cities know that it is more than common to encounter major traffic jams, especially at peak times — early morning, midday, and late afternoon. With a car, you face the disadvantage of being stuck in the street, not only wasting precious time but also wasting more fuel. Not to mention the damage to your quality of life, with all the stress generated by this uncomfortable situation.

However, did you know that, as a rule, in the space occupied by only one car, four motorcycles can be accommodated? And as it’s a smaller vehicle, it doesn’t require a lot of areas to travel on the roads or to park. Due to the agility of the two wheels, the driver can make urban journeys much faster than if he were in a car. That way, you don’t waste hours in traffic, you’re more productive throughout the day and you can still enjoy the pleasure of driving while feeling the wind.


An automobile is made up of several systems: engine, clutch, brakes, transmission, suspension, and so on. Not to mention the five tires (the tires plus the spare tire) and the entire glazed area. As much as this apparatus is quite useful in occasions such as long-distance travel, it can mean a heavy expense for the short journeys of everyday life. After all, an automobile requires preventive maintenance on many more items than a motorcycle. Alignment and balancing of the four wheels, cleaning the air conditioning, and changing four brake pads or linings? Only in a car!

Because it is a vehicle with simpler mechanics and has fewer components than the automobile, the motorcycle tends to provide cheaper maintenance. It’s pure logic: instead of four, the bike only has two tires; instead of three or four cylinders in the engine, popular motorcycles have only one cylinder. In addition to these, there are several other fewer items that make a motorcycle a leaner and more compact option for everyday life.

Spare parts for two-wheel vehicles are also often cheaper than those specifically for cars. In this way, the motorcycle not only fulfills the main objective of taking a person from a starting point to an endpoint, but it also spends far fewer resources than an automobile to do so.


Retro motorcycle standing in the desert at sunset

Anyone who uses a car every day to get around between various domestic and work commitments knows how much fuel spending weighs on the budget at the end of the month.

Today, even with the great technological advances in the automotive industry, it is rare to find a car that yields 20 kilometers per liter of fuel. With popular motorcycles (such as those with 100, 125, and 150 displacements), it is easily possible to obtain an income of more than 30 kilometers per liter. In this sense, even medium or high displacement motorcycles tend to perform better than most cars.

Therefore, if your idea is to ensure good savings, whether by abandoning public transport expenses, by not paying taxi fares, or no longer paying for your own car, you will have the use of a motorcycle the opportunity to save a significant amount. In some cases, the value saved with the fuel of the two wheels may already be enough to pay off the portion of a consortium, for example. 

Is it better to invest in a new bike or a used one?

Have you thought a lot and decided to enjoy the benefits of a motorcycle? Well, you will need to consider one more fundamental question: buy a new or used motorcycle? To help you in this choice, we point out, in the next steps of this guide, both the positive and negative points of purchasing a brand new motorcycle or a semi-new one. 

Pros and Cons of Buying a New Motorbike

In principle, any new vehicle offers better performance than a used one. And even though it takes a certain amount of time to break in the engine in the first kilometers run, the new bike has the advantage of coming from the factory with all components adjusted and in perfect condition.

In addition, the vehicle leaves the dealership with the manufacturer’s warranty, with the owner’s manual, with two keys (one spare), and the best: without any scratches. For these and other reasons, the owner can be sure that the bike is in excellent condition. Upon leaving the store, any eventuality will be made known to the buyer.

The main disadvantage of purchasing a new motorcycle is, as with any other type of brand new vehicle, the depreciation of the initial years of use. Therefore, if you intend to resell the good later, you must be aware that you will only be able to do so for an amount below the original purchase price. That’s why many motorcyclists (and drivers) stay with the same vehicle for a long time, in order to get the most out of it and get the best out of the investment made. 

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Motorbike

If depreciation is bad for someone who buys a brand new vehicle, whoever buys a second-hand motorcycle already receives both wheels with the appropriate market discount. Thus, the used motorcycle can have a good cost-benefit ratio, especially for those who cannot afford a higher amount.

The disadvantages of the used motorcycle are the fact that the buyer cannot attest to the vehicle’s history (if it has suffered a fall, for example), in addition to the natural wear of the parts, which increases with the increase in mileage.

However, there are strategic tips for the buyer to check if the used motorcycle has suffered any kind of damage. Analyze the ends of the pedals and levers, for example, to discover possible scratches and small signs of denting of the bodywork. If there are marks like these, they could be indicative that the motorcycle has been dropped or bumped. So, if you ever buy a used motorcycle, know that the idea is to take it to a reputable mechanic so that he can carry out a complete evaluation.

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