Motorcycle Windscreen

The wind deflector protects the rider from the strong flow of oncoming air. With the help of a windscreen, you can comfortably move around the city on a motorcycle.

Before you buy a windshield for a motorcycle, you should figure out what it is. It can be made of plastic, plexiglass. It can be without a lattice or with a lattice.

Let’s point out the advantages of plastic and plexiglass models:

  • they can be installed on any four-, two-wheeled motor vehicles;
  • they are able to protect the driver from dirt, dust, strong winds, etc.
  • with their help, you can give the motorcycle an attractive, stylish look;
  • they are able to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of motor vehicles;
  • due to the increased streamlining of transport, they make it possible to reduce fuel costs;
  • you can choose models with a picture;
  • there are shields of different shapes, heights;
  • tinted models are presented;
  • you can choose mirror or transparent options;
  • available with fairings.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of wind deflector models on the market.


You can buy a wind deflector for a motorcycle with a grill. It will protect the glass surface from scratches, mechanical damage, stone blows.


To protect against strong headwinds, you will need a shield. If you do not use it, then at high speed the muscles of the arms and back quickly get tired.

Using the flap, you can provide the driver with a free fit, relieve him of the need to firmly grip the handle. A windscreen can be used to protect clothing from contamination.


Choosing products, you can find the simplest models and those that compete with the products of well-known brands. Shields are more common than fairings.

Note that the shape and geometry of the fairing affect the stability of the motorcycle. If you can find large lumps of dirt behind the shield in hard-to-reach places, then this is a sign of an incorrectly selected shield. This mud appears due to the wobble of the steering wheel and shield. Using such a shield is unsafe and unpleasant.


When choosing a shield, you need to pay attention to the aerodynamic characteristics of the model. If the steering wheel jerks to the side while driving, then the selected flap will not fit. Also, in this case, an increase in fuel consumption, a decrease in the speed of the motorcycle can be noted.

Not all fenders on sale meet aerodynamic requirements. Some experienced motorcyclists, when buying a windshield, use a saw to cut it off. The visor looks quite simple, but it is not.

Some motorcyclists opt for easy-to-maintain, inexpensive models. They can be used to get around bad roads. This is understandable: you don’t have to drive at high speed. If there are a lot of ditches and bumps on the road, then it is not a pity to break a spoiled inexpensive fairing.

If riding a motorcycle is mainly in the city, then it is better to choose a full fairing at a good price. Most often they are bought by motorcycle owners who use their vehicles as a means of transportation.

Note that you should not cut the pieces of plexiglass yourself. Often nothing comes of it. Some build large shields, others go to extremes and cut out very small fairings.


The visor should have a good streamlined shape. For example, you can choose a model that will be 50-100 mm narrower than the width of the driver’s shoulders. These dimensions of the flap will be sufficient to fulfill the protective function.

If the width of the flap is greater, then this will increase the resistance, which is typical for low-convex models. Moreover, such a shield will also have improved protective properties.

The width at the bottom of the guard should be the same as the distance between the rider’s knees. However, the shape of the flap affects this distance.

If you use a highly convex streamlined wind deflector on a motorcycle, then its width will depend on the steering angle and the width of the tank, which should also be taken into account.

The height of the shield can be said as follows: its upper part should be just below the eye level of the motorcyclist.

If you use a shield that is higher than the eye level of the motorcyclist, then when driving in dense fog, in rainy weather, condensation will form on the surface. This will cause the glass or plastic to be opaque and the driver will need to look over the shield.

To prevent the flow of air from blowing directly into the face, it is necessary that the shield has the correct shape. It is also important that it is well installed. When properly installed, the airflow will be directed towards the rider’s helmet and not into their eyes.

It is not always possible to predict the strength and direction of the airflow; it can be quite capricious. However, we note that if the edge of the guard is 100 mm below the eye level of the motorcyclist, then it will not be possible to raise it above the head, and this should be taken into account when choosing and installing.

If you choose a vertical installation of a nearly flat shield, then it will be located far from the shoulders and face of the driver. However, in strong winds, strong air currents will form behind the shield. In this case, there will be no direct stream on the driver’s face, but all kinds of dirt will accumulate behind the shield. This will affect the condition of the clothes, and eyes may also be damaged. Note that such a shield will increase resistance and worsen the stability of the motorcycle. If you choose such a wind deflector for a motorcycle, then it will need to be tilted at an angle of 36-46 °. Also, such a shield must be as close to the face of the motorcyclist as possible.

Do not bring the visor very close to your face. If the motorcyclist rides on uneven road surfaces or falls on an edge, he may hit his shoulder or face. To reduce the likelihood of such a case, the shield can be edged with soft rubber.

Most often, on motorcycles with fairings, they move on the road surface, so you can choose a closed motorcycle helmet that will protect the driver’s head.

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