Security Systems

Security Systems: Classification for facilities

Security systems (OS system, FSA) is a set of jointly operating technical means designed to detect signs of the appearance of an intruder at a protected facility (fire), processing and further transfer of information to an interested person for making a decision.

Security Systems Solved Problems

1. Detection of signs of intruders on the object of protection (fire)

2. Submission of information about the fact and place of detection to the operator on duty

3. Turning on the means of light, sound, and speech notification (a blinking light, a siren howling, breaking the hearing, or a pleasant female voice: “Attention! There is a fire in the building. Everyone should leave the premises.”)

4. Control of executive devices (this means locking doors, raising anti-ram devices, locking gates, turning on lighting in certain areas of the territory, etc.)

5. Saving information about all events that occurred during a given time interval (the so-called electronic protocol)

Access control security systems (ACS) – a set of technical means designed to automatically restrict and authorize the access of people, vehicles, and goods to (from) the protected facility and inside it

1. Identification of users by their identification (signs) (identification sign – something unique, belonging to only one person, starting from the smell (!!!) and ending with fingerprints and drawing of the retina)

2. Automatic authorization (permission) of access of people (cargo, vehicles) through access points (access point is a place where people and vehicles are officially allowed to enter the territory of the facility, not to be confused with a Wi-Fi access point !!!)

3. Automated remote control of barrier structures at access points by operator command

4. Generation of alarms and notifications about attempts of unauthorized access

5. Saving information about all events that occurred over a given time interval (in order to see who entered, exited, tried to access, hacking attempts, in a word, all information on access points)

CCTV system (TV surveillance) (SOT, STN)

A set of functionally related means of TV surveillance, recording, and playback of video information, intended for remote visual control of a protected object or its perimeter

1. Visual remote observation of the protected object by the operator

2. Detection of moving targets on the observed scene of the object (operator or video detector)

3. Identification (identification) of detected targets (by the operator visually or using special programs)

4. Checking the correct operation of the OS and KUD systems (if the sensor is falsely triggered, there is no need to send an outfit, just look at the area on the monitor)

5. Transmission of video information to remote workplaces (URM) (the ability to remotely control several objects from one place)

6. Saving the alarm video archive for a specified time interval (alarm video archive – recordings from cameras upon motion detection or sensor triggering)

Integrated security systems are a set of technical means and security systems that have programmable connections between event registration processes and responses (work scenarios) to specified events.

I’ll explain a complex definition in a simple way. Coffee 3 in 1 was not invented in vain: separately coffee, sugar, and cream are certainly delicious, but you also need to mix them together, and here you are offered a ready-made solution. Why install one of those security systems that I described above, if you can deliver everything and make your work as easy as possible, reduce staff costs by automating all processes as much as possible?

An integrated security system is a local network that combines a security and fire alarm system, access control and manages security systems, and a CCTV system. You, as a user, get the opportunity to customize such a system for a specific object, load diagrams and maps there to ensure maximum convenience for the operator, create various work scenarios when specific events occur (for example, turning on the light when opening a door, etc.).

To summarize the day: today we figured out the classification of security systems. Everyone decides for himself what suits him best, based on the characteristics of his object, threats, and tasks to be solved.