Shutters – Great protection against sun, frost, and burglary

Shutters have been known for centuries – they decorated, protected against frost and the attempts of supporters of other people’s property, courthouses, and ordinary peasant cottages. They even have their own tourist route: “The Land of Open Shutters”. However, does only traditional wooden construction deserve this element of facade decoration? Is the shutter only intended for the outside? Of course not. Traditional, modern, internal, and external shutters are returning to favor again and are an interesting arrangement of the walls and windows of our house.

Types of shutters – wooden, aluminum, and PVC shutters

Although shutters are usually associated with wooden slats closed in a frame made of this material, we are not doomed to this material monogamy. Aluminum or PVC models are more and more often found, which have much better resistance to weather conditions, and thanks to the modern technique of applying colors and obtaining the desired effects, such shutter retain the color and texture of the wood and are indistinguishable from the natural wood already at a short distance. original.

However, you can order varnishing models in colors completely different from the wooden prototypes and match the color to the overall arrangement of the building facade. In addition, aluminum or PVC will perform much better as different than the existing, wooden, traditional solutions such as frame, sash, hinge.

Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters in which the sashes are mounted on special guides are becoming more and more popular. Of course, in order to install this type of shutter, you must have free wall space on both sides of the window, terrace, loggia, or balcony. With openwork or full filling, they can fulfill many different functions. They not only create a sun barrier, but also retain heat, and can also be successfully used as anti-burglary shutters.

House with shutters

The aforementioned project without shutters would probably lose some of its attractiveness. It is similar in the other direction – usually, a house, which until now seemed to be devoid of character and originality, will benefit greatly after filling its window openings with additional elements. It is known that one of the biggest problems of passive or energy-saving construction is the heat escaping through the windows. 

If, in addition, our house is equipped with large glass surfaces that open onto the terrace, we have a huge problem with binding the heat inside the house. In recent years, climate change has not helped us fight heat loss, bringing violent gusts of wind onto our homes, also in winter. A well-chosen shutter will significantly help us win the battle for a warm home. 

Not only home decoration matters but also our safety in it. A very common view, especially in summer houses, are shutter that is closed off-season. They are an excellent barrier against burglars for whom every second count and the permanent closing of the windows can stop a burglary attempt for much longer than a dozen or so seconds. Having good anti-burglary doors, windows are our crucial point, and they should be additionally secured with a shutter.

Internal shutters

Wooden internal shutters, called shutters, are perfect for modern houses with large glass surfaces. Due to the amount of space they need, they are most often used as folding shutters. They can even be controlled by remote control, which is convenient, especially since heavy, massive models work best with large window surfaces. An interesting solution is an internal shutter, intended for installation on roof windows.

How to make shutters?

With the simplest, wooden constructions, we can try to make shutter ourselves, using, for example, wooden doors for cabinets available in many basic DIY stores. If they are to fulfill only a decorative role, after screwing the hinges, we can mount them on the building wall. However, this solution is completely amateur and insufficient. 

To fully experience the advantages and benefits of having an element such as a modern shutter, it is better not only to obtain a branded product covered by appropriate guarantees and meeting standards but also to have the assembly performed by the manufacturer’s team or the product dealer. In this way, we will not lose the warranty due to bad assembly, but we will also get a separate warranty for it. The assembly itself depends on the type of wall material, the number of layers, and the requirements for safe use.

When deciding on additional home decorations, which still contain so many functional advantages, it is definitely worth getting interested in the offer of the shutter. Although they have been somewhat forced out of the market by roller shutters, the house has its extraordinary charm. In addition, the shutter will provide us with greater security of what is on “our side of the wall”, will prevent the heat from escaping from the house, and protect the windows against violent gusts of wind. However, if we do not want to or cannot install them externally, we have an excellent alternative in the form of internal shutters.

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