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Technical Building Inspection, What is its importance?

The technical building inspection of a building is favorable when it meets a minimum of requirements established by the regulations. It requires the services of an Architect Expert who assesses the state of the property.

What is a Technical Building Inspection?

The Technical Building Inspection is the inspection or technical control that every building with a certain age must pass, in order to assess whether it meets all the safety requirements. It is a type of preventive legal maintenance, by which the buildings are periodically subjected to the review of a series of elements concerning the security of the property, as well as the people who inhabit it. 

Procedure to issue a Technical Building Inspection

The Technical Building Inspection is mandatory for all multi-family buildings. The person responsible for carrying it out is the community of each building, after having requested the relevant budget from the technician in charge. Which has great similarity to an expert opinion on architecture or engineering.

1. Methodology

The technician performs a visual technical building inspection, before proceeding to check the safety of the buildings and structures, verify the general plumbing and sanitation networks, the accessibility of the building, and other community facilities. The elements of the property to review depend on local regulations, highlighting:

  • Foundations and structure.
  • Facades and party walls.
  • Facilities.
  • Watertightness and covers.
  • Other elements that concern security, health or public decoration.

The Building Inspection is considered favorable or approved when the technician confirms the good condition of the building based on three criteria:

  1. Security . Absence of risk for the inhabitants. Elements such as facades, chimneys, cornices or projections must be repaired if they pose a risk to people.
  2. Healthiness . It does not harm public health and hygiene. Plumbing and sanitation repairs will be required to maintain the well-being of the building.
  3. Public ornament . The elements of the building maintain decorum and the urban public image.

2. Periodicity

According to the regulations, a building must pass the inspection on a mandatory basis, having been 50 years old, at least every 10 years. The procedure usually takes a week. The stipulated term to present the suitability of the building depends on the municipal ordinances of each municipality and the result of the last Technical Building Inspection.

The importance of an architect expert in the Technical Building Inspection

The inspection is carried out by a qualified Architectural Expert. The resulting expert report must collect the grievances that occurred in the building and meet a series of aspects:

● Identification of the deterioration produced in the building, whether caused by exterior or interior elements, lack of maintenance, or failures.

● Preparation of a diagnosis of the state of conservation of the building.

● Identify, evaluate and classify existing damage in order of severity.

● Specify the necessary actions and interventions.

Building grants

The objective of the subsidies is to encourage the carrying out of building conservation works so that they meet the three criteria of safety, health, and the public decoration. Those works required by the competent bodies will be eligible for this financial aid. The recipients may be:

● Homeowners who are members or not of communities of owners.

● Home users are not being owners.

● Owners or users of premises, not owners located in buildings where the works are carried out.

● Owners of residential buildings partially or totally intended for rental or own use.

The maximum amount per home or premises of the subsidy to carry out the ITE will be $ 5763.50.

Building INSPECTION Expert

The Expert Architect specialists in Building Inspection have extensive experience in the construction industry, with Project Management and Direction. What includes the study of:

  • Urbanization
  • Building layout
  • Supply networks
  • Sanitation networks
  • Electrical installations
  • Analysis of materials
  • Public Buildings
  • Facilities and structures

An Architect Expert specialized in the inspection of constructions may also have knowledge and experience in related areas, such as the issuance of Reports and Certificates, operation of facilities, demolitions, grading, and urban qualification, etc. Therefore, previous experience in Civil Engineering (supervising the construction of infrastructures), or in supervising the construction of bridges and public buildings can be valuable.

In addition, you must be aware of the Technical Building Code, as well as the relevant regulations for the inspection. During its review, the Experts do not need access to the construction, since it will be based on the common elements of the house: the facade, the roofs, the conditions, and state of the water, gas, and electricity facilities…

The approval of the review of the Technical Building Inspection Expert is temporary since buildings or homes that exceed 50 years must undergo this process every 10 years, in order to avoid possible damage or accidents.

Our Experts are registered in professional Associations such as Architects or Engineers. In addition, many of them are part of the lists of Official Building Inspection Experts of the most important national associations. Both are a guarantee of the knowledge, experience, and certifications of our experts. They are experts in the area of ​​accessibility, the different reports, and certificates that can be issued, etc.

It should be said that we have specialists in Building Inspection who are Graduates in Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. with special knowledge in Health and Safety and Construction Management. If you need an Expert to assess the condition of your building.

The reason for this is the need for the Technical Building Inspection to be carried out by a technician who is approved and issues the Technical Report. Architectural feature reviews are very delicate and try to assess the habitability and healthiness of a building, an aspect that cannot be left to chance.

An Architect Expert specializing in Building Inspection or Technical Building Inspection technical expert in the analysis to which buildings must be subjected from time to time. This review is mandatory for certain older buildings.

The purpose of this inspection is to guarantee the safety of the building since inspections are usually carried out in buildings that are many years old and that may have been deteriorated over time or as a result of the appearance of structural failures.

Being a preventive study of the property, it can prevent damage and the appearance of pathologies. An Architect Expert can analyze the situation, whether the study is deficient or if the current legislation has not been carried out.

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