Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap: What Goldfish Can Teach Us About?

How’s Your Attention Span in a vehicle wrap? According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average customer’s attention span is eight seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. That is officially less than the attention span of a goldfish (nine seconds). Our capacity to focus on one thing is diminishing, making that initial impression critical. You’ve got 2-4 seconds to earn attention with your graphics vehicle wrap.

If it takes the human brain less than a second to interpret a single image, that leaves a potential customer more than seven seconds to engage with your brand and learn more about your business. Read more about how  Effective vehicle wrap can help you lead potential customers through their buyers’ journey to your product or service. 

The internet is our marketing partner. It is used to be that your graphics vehicle wrap needed to be like a yellow pages ad – remember those?  They delivered condensed information about your business.  In fact, they were once the best source of information available to a prospective customer.  It goes without saying, companies are now judged by word-of-mouth, their websites, and independent customer reviews.  

So seriously consider your top 3 objectives you want to accomplish in those precious 8 seconds   (remember we only have an 8-second average attention span 

  1. Get Attention!!!! (or you’ve got nothing)
  2. Display your brand visually in a memorable way
  3. Help people quickly understand your goods or services

Expert Sources on How to Care for Your Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Caring for Your Vehicle Wrap Investment. Once you’ve made the investment in vehicle wrap or applying graphics to your vehicle you need to clean and maintain them.

See the top 4 benefits of properly caring for your wraps or graphics below:

  1. Properly cleaning your graphics helps maintain a high-quality appearance of your graphics that will create a quality representation of your brand and business
  2. Properly cleaning your graphics prolongs the life of your graphics – protecting them from UV damage, and environmental pollutants like smog and particulates in the atmosphere that can accumulate on the graphics, as well as sap, tar, gas, or oils.
  3. Your wrapped vehicle now represents your brand.  If you don’t care enough to clean your company vehicle and graphics, what will your customers expect from your business or service?
  4. Point #3 (times 1,000,000,000) for vehicles connected with the food, beverage, personal care, cleaning, and health services industries.  Cleanliness of vehicle graphics broadcasts a lot to potential customers about the cleanliness of your products and services – or the opposite in the case of dirty or poorly maintained vehicle graphics.

We often see wraps that are not cared for properly (or cared for at all) – even when the wraps are being used to advertise a business. Don’t let this be you or your business. 

Make it Easy – Do it Right

Cleaning and maintaining your graphics is easy.  We recommend building a regular cleaning schedule right into your operating procedures or vehicle maintenance plan.  That way it is never forgotten or overlooked.

Not sure what type of graphics your vehicles have been wrapped with – don’t worry – the care guides across all brands are very similar.  To protect your warranty on your graphics we recommend adopting the most gentle care and maintenance plan.

A Final Word of Caution

While some of these guides suggest that certain automatic car washes or pressure washes are OK for your graphics, be certain that you are in line with their recommendations.  If a car wash attendant accidentally adjusts the car wash to the wrong setting it can really damage your graphics.  You may not even notice the damage until you’ve already driven away.  The same is true for a pressure washer inadvertently set to the wrong pressure setting.  So use care and protect your investment.