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Wire Mesh Fence: How Much Does It Cost

Widely used in rural areas, the wire mesh fence tends to be popularized to delimit a land or protect a vegetable garden, for example. Available in different colors and several types of mesh, it also knows how to beautify the space. This modern fence and among the cheapest on the market is as practical as it is aesthetic. 

All that remains is to choose between flexible mesh and rigid mesh. To help you take stock, we have put together the price elements allowing you to quantify the cost of a wire mesh fence. Discover not only the prices for the different types of fences but also the things to know before making your purchase.

Wire mesh fence: the reasons to favor this material

The wire mesh fence is an easy to install, very practical, and inexpensive solution. Different types of mesh are available. They can be simple rolls of mesh, quite flexible, or mesh panels a little more resistant. The chain-link fence can be installed on a cement wall using posts fixed or cast in concrete. 

The mesh can also be placed on the ground without requiring the presence of a low wall. It will then be necessary to create a trench to bury the posts. If these operations are not very complicated, they still require time and a certain rigor for a neat and lasting result.

Certain terrains are also more difficult to prepare than others, such as those with very clay or located in volcanic environments. Different solutions must then be considered and specialized equipment must be used. This equipment can be rented, and calling in a professional does not generally cost more and saves you from sometimes risky manipulations.

Wire mesh fence: the elements that influence the price

The price of a mesh fence varies depending on the type of installation, the type of mesh, and of course the length. The so-called layout action makes it possible to precisely assess the needs and calculate the number of linear meters required. The price of a chain-link fence is also defined according to the region (if you buy it in a specialized store) and the prices charged by the manufacturer. 

The grids are more or less thick, more or less resistant and their lifespan is mostly a function of their design technique. The better the plastic, for example, the higher the price. Likewise, the more complex and worked the style of the wire mesh, the more expensive it is. flexible wire mesh to surround a vegetable garden or a henhouse!

Wire mesh fence: the price of the wire mesh and the different elements

Wire mesh fences remain the most affordable fences on the market. For example, they are much less expensive than fences made of wood, aluminum, PVC, or wrought iron. The price of a chain-link fence is estimated to be around 16 dollars per linear meter, but there are several things in addition to the final cost. Thus, the price of the posts of a chain-link fence is around 25 dollars for models to be sealed. Also not to be omitted, the price of a plate, that is to say of the support used to screw a pole, is around 17 dollars.

For those who wish to simplify their life, there are also ready-to-install fence kits including the mesh panels or rollers and posts and other elements necessary to achieve a certain length. Extension kits can be added to the set if the desired dimensions do not correspond to the standard kits.

Note that the construction of a cement wall will undoubtedly be necessary for the design of your chain-link fence. For the construction of a wall of 50 cm, count around 160 dollars per linear meter.

Wire mesh fence: the price of the fence with the installation

The installation of a fence on a wall of 50 cm will cost you around 200 dollars per linear meter. This amount includes the construction of the wall, the installation of the posts to be sealed, and the fixing of the wire mesh. Obviously, each professional applies their own prices. 

These prices can vary widely depending on the pros and the region. If you want to obtain precise and detailed prices depending on the service, consider having several quotes made a few weeks before the start of the work. You will be able to compare while taking your time and possibly consider financing solutions.

Wire mesh fence: what aids to install this type of fence?

The works are eligible even if the land was acquired less than 2 years ago. All categories of fences are eligible, except living hedges (that is to say hedges made with plants: cedars, laurels, flowering hedges, etc.). The same conditions apply for construction work on the fence wall, repair work on a fence wall, and work on the installation of a gate. Professionals are aware of this legislation and automatically apply it to their quotes and invoices. Ask for their advice! Their experience can save you money.

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